Our general, all-purpose cleaning rags are manufactured from A and B grade off-cuts free from buttons and zips.

Cleaning Rags are supplied in 5kg packages and offer a cost-effective cleaning alternative with a myriad of uses.

Cotton waste is manufactured by harvesting off-cut textiles and reducing them to threads in a process which teases the yarn to form a soft, matted product. Cotton Waste is ideal for cleaning machinery and surfaces free of greases and oils in industry and machine workshops and other applications.

We supply two varieties of Cotton Waste:

No. 7 – Soft, quality Cotton Waste containing only undyed white threads. This cotton waste product provides excellent absorption of grease and oil.

No. 40 – A soft blend produced in accordance with SABS Standard 963. Contains coloured (dyed) threads and is therefore not generally used in the presence of solvents.

Cotton Waste is available in the popular, industry-standard 25kg compressed bales.

For more information or order enquiries please contact Brockwell SA Cotton on +27 011 825 6426 or email contact@brockwellsac.co.za

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